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“Driver’s first feature – a luminous, oddball comic fantasy about ancient Chinese curses and Xerox machines, set in Manhattan’s Chinatown and its immediate environs – may well be the most visually ravishing American independent film of its year (1986). Set in an irrational, poetic universe that bears a certain relationship to Jacques Rivette’s DUELLE, this dreamy intrigue breaks a cardinal rule of fantasy by striking off in a number of directions: an executive barks in the street, a young Frenchwoman (Magnuson) loses her hair, and machines in a copy shop start to purr and wheeze on their own initiative. The moods that are established are delicate, and not everyone will be able to go with them, but Driver sustains them with beauty and eccentric charm.” –Jonathan Rosenbaum, CHICAGO READER

Genres: Comédie Fantastique
Distributeur: Ottoskop Filmproduktion, Driver Films
Nationalité: United States of America, Germany
Durée: 78 min
Sous-titres: Anglais, Espagnol, Français, Italien, Néerlandais & Allemand

Sleepwalk Acteur et Actrice

Suzanne Fletcher (Nicole) Steve Buscemi (Worker) Ann Magnuson (Isabelle) Tony Todd (Barrington) Stephen Chen (Dr. Gou) Dexter Lee (Jimmy) Richard Boes (The Thief) Ako ()

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